Villa あまぼし

Villa あまぼし

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Stay Villa 天つ星


Artistic design and traditional materials
help the building blend into the landscape

The exterior is designed to emulate the local built environment while fitting in with the natural landscape. While the shape of the roof was inspired by the half-hipped roofs of local houses, asphalt shingles were used because of their workability and resistance to salt damage caused by sea breezes. Yakisugi (burnt timber cladding), which is not only weatherable and rot proof but also matches the local area, is used for the exterior walls to create a nostalgic, tranquil atmosphere.

  • Elevation

  • Floor plan


Interwoven with light, wind and materials
comfortable interior space

The entire interior space consists of wooden framing and plaster walls. The earthen floor space, which makes up half the indoor area, is rendered to express local characteristics, with washed out shells collected from local beaches and driftwood embellished with decorative materials. The natural materials used for the interior combine with the soft natural light from the rooftop window during the day and open-hearth fire at night to induce a feeling of comfort and relaxation. As per the elevation and section plan, the front doors can be opened all the way to create a sense of flow between the interior rooms and outdoor areas while allowing natural breezes to ventilate the building.


A garden of motion and stillness that connects with the interior

The garden surrounding the villa is designed as an extension of the interior space. The south garden, which is connected to the main building by the dynamic earthen floor, is a place of activity, featuring colorful plants, a barbeque area with a kitchen and fire pit, a shower, and space for parking. The north garden, which sits off the bedroom, is designed as a place of rest. Blocked off from neighboring buildings by a grove of trees and with the ground covered in a carpet of flowers and greenery, it is the perfect spot to pitch a tent or relax in a hammock. In summer you might even see a procession of crabs heading down to the water to spawn.

Basic information

Accommodation type
1 building rental
Number of guests
6 people (maximum occupancy) Children are included in the number of guests.
room sizeさ
Total floor area  85.12 m2 (25.75 tsubo)
Total site area  1185.27 m2 (358.72 tsubo)
Check in

How to enter the villa

As there is no on-site resident at our accommodation, guests are required to unlock and check-in by themselves. On the day before your arrival, check-in instructions will be sent via email, including the check-in code and the door electronic lock (remote lock) number or QR code. Please input the door electronic lock (remote lock) number and other details provided, then proceed to enter the premises. Once inside, you will find a tablet where you can input the check-in code and undergo the necessary personal verification process.

Check out

How to exit the villa

As there is no on-site staff residing at our accommodation, we kindly ask guests to close all doors and perform the check-out procedure on the tablet. After closing all doors, please exit through the east side door. Our staff will not be present, so please ensure that you have all your belongings with you. Additionally, please be aware that after 10:00 AM, the access code or QR code for the front door electronic lock (remote lock) will be deactivated, and re-entry will not be possible. Please plan your departure accordingly and take note of this time restriction.

Advance payment by credit card only

main room

Bedding (Mattresses × 4, Folding Mattresses × 2 for 5 or 6 guests) / Air Conditioning / Free Wi-Fi / Hangers


Sink / electric Stove / freezer / refrigerator / microwave oven / kettle / rice cooker / toaster / dishes (bowls, plates, small plates, chopsticks, spoons, forks, knives: 6 each)/glasses (mug cups, tumblers, wine glasses: 6 each) set) / Cooking utensils (frying pan, two-handed pan, one-handed pan, kitchen knife, cutting board, strainer, bowl, drainer basket, chopsticks, ladle, spatula, puler, kitchen scissors, rice scoop, wine opener, bottle opener) / dishwashing detergent / dishwashing sponge


Bathtub (ceramic) / shower

powder room



Bath towel / Face towel / Body soap / Shampoo / Conditioner

Amenities (individual packaging)

Mineral water / Coffee / Tea / Toothbrush, toothpaste / Comb / T-shaped razor, shaving cream / Body towel

There are 3 units on the front.


  • ●Villa Amatsuboshi is located amid a lush natural environment. Various bugs and other insects are part of that environment and so may be present during your stay. We appreciate your understanding. You may also see wild species about in the garden or vicinity. If so, please kindly enjoy them from a distance.
  • ●When coming in from the beach or garden, please use the outdoor shower to remove all sand etc. from your body before entering the building.
  • ●If you plan to have a BBQ or fireworks in the garden on the premises, please exercise caution when handling fire. BBQ equipment, fuel, and ingredients are not available, so please prepare them yourself. Fireworks are limited to "handheld fireworks". Also, the use of the garden is until 20:00. Please make sure to perform a simple cleanup afterwards.
  • ●For fire safety reasons, the hearth on the dirt floor cannot be used. Please enjoy it as an ornamental object.
  • ●Villa Amatsuboshi's exterior walls are constructed using charred cedar. Please be cautious as touching them with hands may cause staining, and leaning against them could transfer color onto clothing.
  • ●The entire premises are non-smoking