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City About TAHARA

Imposing mountains and a seemingly endless coastline. A place where you can truly embrace nature

Located on the Atsumi Peninsula, which is enclosed by the sea on three sides, the City of Tahara is a coastal playground offering numerous marine activities, including surfing, swimming, and fishing. At countless spots along the seemingly endlessly coastline that stretches out both east and west, you can also enjoy magnificent sunsets, a clear, star-studded night sky, and other spectacles of nature. The natural, untouched beauty remains intact thanks to the careful stewardship of generations of local people, who are immensely proud of the area, which reveals the Japanese landscape as it once was.

Tahara-shi, Aichi


Beautiful southern beach on the edge of the Pacific Ocean
existing in perfect harmony with the endless blue horizon

Located on the Atsumi Peninsula, Tahara City is famous for its surfing spots suitable for surfers of all levels, from beginner to advanced. With a wide variety of waves on offer, the city has played host to international surfing competitions and other professional contests. On the other side of the coast along the inland sea, you will find Coconuts Beach Irago and other beaches where you can enjoy shallow waters and a tropical vibe enhanced by the lines of colorful beach umbrellas. The beautiful sunsets here never fail to impress.


A destination for those who live in the present
and like to go with the flow

“Irago” is the name given by surfers to the stretch of coastline between the cites of Toyohashi and Tahara. Because the swells propagate directly from the Pacific Ocean, the waves here never stop coming. Whether it's the irregular breaks at major spot Loco or the goofy breaks at Long Beach, you're sure to find the kind of waves you like at one or more of the many surfing spots scattered across the area. Take the new road from Route 42 along the coast toward Shizuoka and explore.

Sea ​​bathing

Sea bathing for the whole family—
crystal clear water
and unforgettable times

The Atsumi Peninsula’s northern side facing Mikawa Bay has numerous beaches suitable for swimming. The Shiroya Sea Bathing Area has an adjacent lawn park where you can picnic after swimming with a playground for the kids. Coconuts Beach Irago is a shallow beach where even small children can play safely. At dusk, the flaming orange sunset is sure to catch your attention.


Tahara City faces the Pacific Ocean and Mikawa Bay.
The coastline is home to a diverse array of fish species and offers numerous fishing spots.

Enjoy a wide variety of fishing in the area. Families will enjoy the Akabane Fishing Port and Tahara Port, where you can catch goby and smelt-whiting with light casting; horse mackerel, sardine, and mackerel with sabiki (flasher rig); and even bigfin reef squid with a bait log. If you want to catch smelt-whiting or flounder, you can also try casting around Cape Irago. Lure fishers can also catch sole, sea bass, yellowtail, or other blue-backed fish. Whatever type of fishing you like, there is a spot to suit you.


A city blessed with the best sun, sea, and soil

Tahara City enjoys long daylight hours and this abundant sunshine has given rise to a flourishing soil and marine environment. Taking advantage of the warm climate and rich natural conditions, the city excels at vegetable production, horticulture, and animal husbandry, and is Japan's leading producer of melons, strawberries, tomatoes, cabbages, and broccoli. In addition to agricultural produce, its seafood brought in from the wide open sea is fresh and tasty. With fresh ocean breezes and the fragrance of flowers floating in the air, the Atsumi Peninsula is truly blessed with gifts from the earth and sea.

Agricultural experience

One of Japan's leading farming regions.
An agricultural cornucopia where nearly 100 crops are produced.

In the Tahara City area, you can enjoy a wide variety of farm experiences, such as picking melons or strawberries and harvesting cabbages. Interacting with nature promotes feelings of positivity and confidence. Being outside amid the wonders of nature also provides good opportunities for bonding with family or friends as you perform tasks and solve problems together. Drinking water from a mountain spring, quietly observing wild birds, staring up at the beautiful night sky—these simple but rare pleasures help you reconnect with nature and yourself.


A cyclist-friendly city.
Enjoy amazing nature along a seaside cycling route.

Enjoy great panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and take in the fresh sea air as you coast along a cycling route that stretches from Long Beach all the way to the roadside station at the tip of the peninsula. With the year-round mild climate providing a perfect cycling environment, you may also like to try a mountain route. Recommended rest stops include Koijigahama Beach, Hii-no-Sekimon (Stone Gate of Sunrise), and the Cape Irago Lighthouse, all offering unforgettable magnificent scenery.


Get out of the ordinary at the Tahara Alps.
With the creatures that inhabit the ancient mountains, I feel a full healing.

This area has a strong image of the sea, but it is full of nature as much as the forest of Yakushima. The Tahara Alps Hiking Course is designed for families, beginners and intermediate level hikers. Beautiful mountain ridges, a sky full of stars, the vast ocean below, animals and plants that continue to live vigorously, and magnificent nature that can never be seen on the ground will give you a thrill and joy that you can never experience again.


On a silent, starry night
share an experience of wonder.

When you look up at the night sky in a natural place far from artificial light, you'll be amazed at how many more stars you can see. Whether you use a telescope or the naked eye, the starry view is absolutely breathtaking. Trying heading out to Cape Irago, a particularly well-known spot for astronomical observation. But wherever you are—on a local beach or back at the villa—looking out into the universe from the Atsumi Peninsula makes you feel like you're in a different world. Just another of the many experiences you cannot get in an urban environment.


Visit places of interest and historic sites
to enjoy quaint townscapes interspersed with nature

Tahara’s history dates back to the Jomon period and numerous sites from this era have been unearthed by archaeologists. From the Heian to Kamakura periods, Tahara was a major pottery producer. In 1480, Munemitsu Toda built Tahara Castle, which now houses the Tahara Municipal Museum and its collection of various cultural properties. The 1,300 m Historic Walking Trail takes in Terashita-dori Street with its array of temples, the Tahara Matsuri Kaikan (festival museum) housing spectacular floats and magnificent kites, and the “Kanente” winding road designed to stymie invaders.