Villa あまぼし

Villa あまぼし

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What you see here is the real Japan— Architecture inspired by traditional
notions of beauty set amid
a rich natural environment that has
been here since time immemorial.

We want to share this hitherto unknown yet amazing part of the world with people everywhere.


The Atsumi Peninsula boasts a rich natural landscape and is Japan’s leading agricultural producer. With its history of food production and environment suitable for surfing, cycling, and fishing, it also offers a variety of local attractions. For surfing in particular, the peninsula is one of only a handful of places in all of Japan that has a world-famous surfing spot and has hosted international competitions. Despite these rich local resources, the area is not well-known, even within Japan. This holiday villa was therefore built to fulfill the wish that people from around the world could visit and enjoy this wonderful place.


The villa is a wooden one-story building set against the background of a rich natural environment. Surrounded by private houses and farmlands, it is located near the surfing mecca of Zen-nihon Beach and the Akabane West Coast on the Atsumi Peninsula at the southern tip of Aichi Prefecture.
The building at the center of the premises is surrounded by miniature green hills covered with trees and shrubbery to provide total privacy. The low eaves design connects the inside with the outside and brings you closer to nature, creating an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.
May your stay here be comfortable and pleasant.

Enjoy connecting with simpler times at this comfortable villa designed to harmonize with the local area

MAA 一級建築士事務所 代表 松下剛也


MAA president Masaya Matsushita

I wanted to create a simple, laidback, comfortable space that is airy and full of natural light using local materials and building to suit the location. I believe that what we created is in harmony with the local environment and is an example of architecture that is friendly to both nature and people.

Previously worked at Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP,

where he worked on the Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center and Tree Hut on Volcano, among others.