Villa あまぼし

Villa あまぼし

Reservation Reservation

A warm and welcoming home
away from home
where you can truly relax
and while away the time

Where the vast Pacific Ocean meets
the boundless blue sky —
An entire seaside villa available
for rent

An inn that stands quietly in the pristine scenery of Japan. The 350 tsubo site is a special space where no one interferes. In this land where untouched nature remains, you will be able to trace some nostalgic and sad distant memories. Enjoy the rich and profound flow of time in the great outdoors surrounded by the sea and mountains.

Stay Villa 天つ星

Completely private space
limited to one group per day
From a daily life where no one disturbs you to a closed world

A beautiful interior space that marries tradition with innovation to offer luxurious yet relaxed surroundings where time passes slowly. Turn your attention outside and you can hear birds singing in nearby trees against the background of a clear blue sky. In a place where it feels like nothing has changed since time immemorial, feel free to luxuriate in doing nothing at all or step out and explore the nature that is all around you. The choice is yours.

City About TAHARA

Located at the southern tip of Aichi Prefecture, it is warm throughout the year due to the influence of the Kuroshio Current, and is a beautiful area surrounded by the sea on three sides: scenic Mikawa Bay to the north, the majestic Pacific Ocean to the south, and Ise Bay facing Ise-Shima to the west. . The coast stretches for about 100 km and has a beautiful natural environment surrounded by the sea and mountains. It faces two seas with different characteristics, the Pacific Ocean and Mikawa Bay, and because of its diverse geographical conditions, you can see a wide variety of flora and fauna that can only be seen here.

Tahara-shi, Aichi


Surfing is a simple sport. Because the same wave never comes twice, you must live in the moment, bringing your body and mind into harmony and being one with nature. Irago is a haven for surfers. All you need is a swell, a surfboard, and a little courage.

Agricultural experience

Tahara City is the second largest agricultural producer in Japan by output and the leading producer of certain vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Here you can have unique agricultural experiences that will leave you in awe at the bounty of nature and the people who draw that bounty from the earth. Find your new home away from home in Tahara.


Cycling is an enjoyable sport that is good for both your mental and physical health. As well as being great cardio exercise, it also improves muscular strength and tone. With varied and fascinating landscapes including the Pacific coastline and mountain scenery that changes with the seasons, Tahara is a great place for cycling.


James Heddon once said that to not know how to fish is to miss half the fun in life. The Atsumi Peninsula, which faces both the Enshu Sea and Mikawa Bay, has a 100 km coastline that is home to various fish species and offers countless fishing spots, making it possible to enjoy fishing at any time of year.